Where are you on the Illness-Wellness Continuum? Everything you do shifts you towards the left or to the right, illness or wellness, function or dysfunction. As you think about where you are on this continuum think also about where you’d like to be and how you can get there. Now we all know that making quick, drastic changes is not a way to change a habit. Deciding that you want to move towards the healthier side of the continuum is the first step in the right direction! Awareness is key. Becoming aware that each of the things you do every day such as, reaching for your morning cup of coffee, taking the elevator to up to your office, grabbing a bag of chips to go with your sandwich, watching YouTube on your lunch break, having dessert after dinner, or sleeping on your stomach. Each of these parts of your day affects your overall level of wellness. Slowly, the goal is to move towards making choices such as having a smoothie in the morning, taking the stairs, having an apple with lunch, going for a walk on your lunch break, having fruit after dinner, and sleeping on your back. As you become aware of the small moments of your life and slowly move towards a healthier lifestyle, you will be amazed by the changes your body will go through.