Have you had Active Care at our office? One phase of care that we focus on is corrective exercises that are easy to do at home or the office. We know that “homework”, even if its stretching, can be hard to add into your routine, so we try to make it as easy as possible! Most of the exercises don’t require any special tools or equipment, you can even do them sitting in your chair.

Our focus in Active Care is:  Form, Function and Flexibility.  The stretches and exercises that Dr. Cait recommends for you are designed to stretch and strengthen your muscles, helping you hold you adjustments longer and keep everything feeling good. Each active care session is designed especially for you, whether you’re a triathlete, recovering from an injury, or a self-proclaimed couch potato.

One of my favorite parts of Active Care is being able to find a stretch or exercise that really connects with a patient, one that they wish they’d been doing for years. Having the knowledge of something that you can easily do at home, that will not only help you feel better but heal more quickly, is so empowering! I always say that the first Active Care session is a little bit of trial and error and that’s because we want to find out what’s going to work best for you.  See you on the stretching mat soon!

  • Emily


Stay tuned next week for more information on the technical side of Active Care!