Now that that song will be stuck in your head, I thought I’d take this blog time to talk about some items that I often recommend to patients.  I am not sponsored and won’t gain anything by mentioning these, so I can assure you that you’re getting the recommendations that I use at home!  I find Amazon to have the best prices and with Prime, it’s a no brainer.


Neti Pot:  I LOVE Neti Pots!  I can’t express it enough.  I switched from using the ones that look like teapots to a squeeze bottle and have never looked back.  I also purchased the stand for it so that I can leave it in the shower and not worry about mold issues.  I use the ones by Neil Med and for under $18 you can get the bottle, stand and a couple of saline packets.

The stand

The bottle


Side Sleeper Pillow:  While sleeping on your side isn’t ideal, using a pillow between your legs can help to keep your hips level and decrease soreness in you low back and knees.


Pillow:  Chiroflow water pillows are the only thing that I sleep on now.  About 9 years ago I asked our vendor to send me 3 of their top selling pillows.  I tried the Chiroflow first and never looked back.  I returned all of the others and that’s what have carried exclusively for many years.  I’m not going to recommend something that I don’t personally use.  The thickness of the pillow is determined by the amount of water that you add to it.  The weight of your head displaces the proper amount of support under your head and is great for side sleepers.  We have them available in the office and even have a mini one we can show you as a demo.


Bed:  Hands down I have to recommend the Sleep Number Bed.  I have coveted these for years and when I redid my bedroom I finally got one.  I couldn’t be happier.  It takes away the question of how firm your mattress should be.  Each night I read for about 45 minutes, so I invested in a flexible base that allows me to raise my head to read.  It has been a godsend for my neck.  I know that sometimes folks think that they can be expensive, and they can be, if you do all of the bells and whistles.  I have seen sales on different models that are under $1000.  Considering it’s something you spend a lot of time it, it’s worth the investment!  Jessica and her team at the Maine Mall know us well and will be sure to give you the best deal!


Water Bottle:  I’m not too picky on what this one is as long as you’re drinking water.  Personally, my favorite one is one from Victoria’s Secret that I got as a gift years ago.  What I love about it though is that it’s 40oz.  So I know that one of these kicks off 5 of my at least 8 8oz glasses of water that I’m shooting for.  The key is knowing how many ounces your favorite bottle is.  That which we track, we achieve.

Here’s a great one from Amazon that works for hot or cold and is BPA free:


I’m currently looking into recommendations for vitamins.  More on that coming up, I always make sure that if I’m recommending something, it’s what I’m using at home.  These are a couple of things that just make my life a bit easier overall and really help me stay on track with self care!!   If you need recommendations for other products, let me know.  –Dr. Cait