Looking for ways to get outside this winter for both exercise and visiting with friends and family? Medical experts agree that outside is still the safest way to socialize during this pandemic, and with winter and cold weather on the way, that could get a little tricky…but not impossible!

The most important thing is to be dressed for the weather, you’ve probably heard the old saying “there’s no such thing as bad weather, only inappropriate clothing.” Making sure that you have the right clothing on can make all the difference when you plan to spend a few hours outside. Dressing in layers and making sure that your extremities (hands and feet) are warm is especially important. For some smart ideas on how to dress for where and what you might be doing outside, check out this great article full of helpful tips and ideas on how to stay warm.

Pay attention to what you plan on doing outside, if you’re going to be active like going for a hike or snowshoe, then you’ll probably stay a lot warmer and need fewer layers than if you plan on standing around the campfire in a friend’s yard. Maybe this is the year you try a new winter sport, like x-country skiing or winter running. We’re here to help you keep your body moving and better able to prevent injury whatever activities you go with.

Whatever you end up doing, remember that safe socializing is so important to our mental and physical health, and that every season has things to enjoy…even if you aren’t a big fan of winter.

  • Emily