If you’ve ever joined us in Active Care, chances are you are very familiar with the iliotibial band (IT Band) and the feeling of foam rolling on it. I try to warn people the first time, it’s going to feel like you are rolling over bruises. Although it does get better with time, why is this area is so sensitive and so tight much of the time? The IT band is a thickening of connective tissue on the outer part of the thigh running from the hip to the knee. It holds our leg straight, allowing the bigger muscles in the thigh a chance to relax as we are standing. But the down side is that as a result, the IT band remains tense even as we are just standing still. You may not feel the tightness of the IT band as you are going about your day, but I want to remind you that it is probably still tight! Spend some time rolling the IT bands on the foam roller and you will know. It only takes a few minutes but it will be very beneficial to preventing hip, knee and other aches and pains associated with a tight IT band. Use the photos below to locate the location of the iliotibial band as well as the proper form for foam rolling this targeted area.