Now that we are officially in late summer and slowly, slowly making our way into fall, I’m trying to jam pack all of my summer activities in before it’s too late! Looking back on summer now, what were some of your favorite things you did? Do you set any goals for yourself during the warmer months?

One of my biggest goals this summer was to get outside more often, even if just for a little bit. Sometimes that just meant sitting outside on my lunch break, but I also went camping, kayaked at the lake, spent days at the beach, walked to the farmers market, went to a Sea Dogs game and rode my bike whenever I could (even just to get groceries).

Another way I got outside was working in my community garden plot which is exploding with tomatoes right now! I tried a few new things, like growing cantaloupe, which is still in the experiment phase (haha) and some different herbs for cooking.

Now I’m not saying I met all of my summer goals, but there’s still some time! One of them was to try paddle boarding, which I haven’t gotten around to yet and I was also supposed to be training for some bigger hikes this fall (hopefully starting this weekend). A lot of my plans for the rest of summer and fall require staying healthy and being able to use my muscles in different ways which is why it’s important to stay on top of maintenance care, like getting my monthly adjustment and stretching and exercising regularly.

Do you have any must dos for the end of summer? Maybe more family time or exploring somewhere new you haven’t been before?  Or are you just looking forward to fall and things cooling down a little bit. Either way, it’s a beautiful time of year to be outside and enjoy where we live.

  • Emily