Lots of our clients have had chiropractic care in the past. Many unfortunately have been misdiagnosed and stuck in a routine of adjustments and returning to the office when they are in pain again. We work very hard to create custom plans for each person and have had hundreds benefit from chiropractic care paired with a personalized Active Care routine.

One of our favorite stories is with a patient named Matt…

Meet Matt

Matt moved to Portland last year from Denver, Colorado. He took to Google to try to find a local chiropractor and found Absolute Health Chiropractic. ‘I loved the name of the company, that sold me a little’ he said.

Matt has always had issues with his legs and back. When he was a child he wore a back brace for a hunch in his back. He always had a curve forward and some scoliosis. He has also been told by doctors and chiropractors that one of his legs was longer than the other so he wore a leg lift.

Previously when he went to chiropractors, they would adjust his back and send him on his way. He never saw lasting results and just had to keep going back to be put back into place.

Things were different when he started coming to Absolute Health Chiropractic and when he added Active Care to his chiropractic routine.

We developed a plan for Matt that added electric stim and Active Care to his chiropractic routine.

Now he has a foam roller at home and does his exercises three times a week on his own. He also has a little gym at his office and will take short 15 minute breaks to roll out during the day.

“As I got older, I would wake up and just be sore. My legs would just hurt. Since doing Active Care, I don’t feel like that anymore. I think it was a case of not stretching or moving my body enough. My foam roller gets the kinks out and gives me a better starting place. I didn’t realize that it could have such a benefit”.

“Previously I was having a lot of knee pain. My last chiropractor would adjust my knee, the pain would be better, and then I would go back when it hurt again. No one even thought to say it is probably because your IT band is tight and suggest I roll it out. Since seeing Dr. Cait, I can’t remember the last time she adjusted my knee!”

The New Sound

After Matt had been coming to our office for a few weeks, he had an appointment with Dr. Cait and she did an adjustment and his back moved A LOT. It made a different sound than he had ever heard before. They both paused and thought ‘that was weird’. He went on to do Active Care and then went home.

“Something felt really different! Something just felt really good! I just felt so good, I even jumped on the trampoline with my kids, which I never get to do.”

“I went back into the office and told Dr. Cait ‘you changed my life!’ We looked at my back and the curve in my spine had gone down almost an inch. It was amazing! My back continues to be better and I don’t feel as fatigued anymore. “

“And that leg length difference I had been told I had was actually a misalignment of my hips. Having that leg lift could have been one of the worst things for it since it just helps the misalignment in place.”

The Drop Method

“Dr. Cait uses the drop method which I had not had done before and I prefer it so much more. I was uncomfortable with the last guy, he would twist your body and kind of chest bump you. He would hit you with his chest for the adjustment. It was uncomfortable. With the drop method, the adjustment is done with the table and we have been doing that for my hips.”

“She has dealt a really great practice. Everyone is super positive and always smiling. It is different than most places I have gone. Everyone is super friendly. They are walking the walk, not just talking the talk.”