I wanted to share with you all about an experience I had over the weekend, but first, a little bit of a background… Here is a snapshot of a place I loved to visit when I was living in Massachusetts:


The Peace Pagoda, located in Leverett, MA, is my home away from home. I retreat here whenever I am able to travel to Massachusetts to visit family. Walking the gardens or sitting by the pond brings me comfort, solitude and tranquility. Since I moved to Maine, my visits have become more and more infrequent and I began looking for a place of peace up here. Of course the ocean provided me with a soothing destination, but I am rushed out as soon as the cool breeze sweeps in. I joined a silent sit group at the Nagaloka Buddhist Center, but due to timing issues, that too became difficult to attend… This past weekend, I drove to Wells, Maine for a sound healing at a new space called the LoveLight Center. Although it was a bit of a commute from Portland, the energy was great. I sat in silence with a group of strangers (doesn’t sound as appealing to some, but it really was) and listened as the crystal harp was being played by Cheryl, the founding practitioner. The harp was unlike anything I have seen before and sounded so beautiful. Once the practitioner finished playing for the group, she went around the room and asked if she could play for us individually. We all agreed to have her play for us personally but it didn’t feel like we were left out as she played for the others. The personalized songs were meaningful and special, but it was rewarding listening to the songs for everyone else, too. I was incredibly thankful to have had the opportunity to experience a new meditative and mindful sit. I look forward to retreating there again in the near future! I encourage everyone to search for their own slice of paradise of peace and happiness.