A year or two ago I wrote a blog with this same title.  No, I’m not getting lazy about my blog topics, I just think that this is something worth revisiting, especially during such challenging times.

8 years ago I purchased my home.  When we were doing the showing, I noticed that the owner had a list titled “I am best when I” on her closet mirror.  The list had a myriad of things, one of which was “keeping a clean and well kept home”.  I have to admit that it factored in a little bit into the purchase.  It’s something that has stuck with me though and over the years, I have often revisited my list and figured I would share some of them with you.

  • Eat mostly whole food plant based. Technically, I feel best when I eat ALL whole food plant based (WFPB), however, I will admit that I’m not 100% compliant 100% of the time.  I stopped eating meat about 4.5 years ago.  Over the last 4.5 years, I have dramitcally cut down on dairy and been vegan or WFPB for long stretches of time.  My body and energy levels just respond to this in a positive way.  If you’re interested in learning more about WFPB and the health benefits, I’d be happy to give some thoughts.
  • Keep a clean and well kept home. So I definitely stole this from the past owner, but it’s true.  I feel more calm and balanced when the house is tidy and all of the “chores” are done.  During Covid times, I am not having folks in my home in an effort to decrease spread.  With no visitors, it could be easy to let things pile up around the house or to let the pillows and blankets be in disarray on the couch.  I’ve found that taking 5-10 minutes before bed to just pick up and declutter does wonders mentally when I come home to a clean house the next day.
  • Drinking all of my water. I can say, with complete honesty, that I have drank an average of exactly 80 oz of water every single day since January 1, 2019.  It started as a New Year’s Resolution and I’ve just rolled with it.  If I’m short a day, I make sure to make up for it the next day.  It’s now become my routine and I feel so much better if I’m well hydrated.
  • Cut down on drinking. I once heard a quote that said, “By drinking, you are borrowing happiness from tomorrow and using it tonight.”  Anyone that has ever had a hangover can agree with that!  I’ve found that while the nights out might be fun, the payback the day after is getting old.  While I can’t say I’ll never enjoy another adult beverage, I’m definitely more choosy about when and how much.  Losing an entire day to the couch because I don’t feel great, has lost it’s allure.
  • Stretch. This one is a no brainer.  I find that if I can take 15-20 minutes to stretch each day, I feel amazing.  When our schedules were a bit lighter during Covid times, I found that it was really easy to get sucked into Netflix binging.  I found that if I just threw the show onto the ipad and went to the room that I stretch in, I would actually end up stretching for a really long time because I was so involved in the show I was watching.  Stretching doesn’t need to be some big elaborate effort.  Start small and I guarantee that you’ll feel so good that you’d keep going!
  • Get outside. Now that the weather is nicer, it’s easier than ever to get out and get some fresh air. Things have been so nutty and isolating with all of the social distancing that getting gout for a walk has been a great source of sanity for me.  I found a really fun app called 99Walks.  You set a goal for deliberate walks each month and when you hit your goal you get a really cool bracelet (like a mantra band).  I am definitely motivated by gifts, so this is a great fit for me.
  • Get adjusted. You knew this would be on here.  I hadn’t been adjusted for about almost 4 months.  The chiropractor that I trade with and I were keeping a bit of distance as a precaution and for the safety of our patients.  I finally got adjusted last week and we are right back to our normal every other week schedule.  I had almost forgotten what a difference it made in my mood and my body.  It’s definitely a gift that I give to myself.


I encourage all of you to take some time to make your own “I feel best when….” list.  I find it super helpful as a reminder that when things are hard or stressful that I can do one or 2 of these things on the list and instantly feel better!!!

  • Dr. Cait