One thing that I always hear in Active Care is “I feel really good right now, but I have to travel this weekend, how to I avoid losing progress?” Whether it’s for work or pleasure, driving or flying, travelling is hard on our bodies. From seats that are the opposite of ergonomic to feeling cramped with no space to stretch, it can seem a little hopeless. Luckily we have some tricks of the trade to share with you that can make travelling less of a headache!

Find space to stretch. Sometimes that means getting to the airport early to do some hamstring and neck stretches. Many stretches can be done sitting right in a chair in your terminal (like seated piriformis) without taking up much space. When driving, make sure to take advantage of rest areas. Getting out of the car to take a quick walk and stretch can make a big difference, even if you feel like it hasn’t been that long.

Stay hydrated. This is a mistake that many people make, it’s important to stay hydrated when travelling to avoid muscle cramping and tightness and tension. That can mean more bathroom breaks, but it’s worth it to feel great when you arrive at your destination.  Bring a reusable water bottle with you (empty until you get through TSA) and you can fill it wherever you go.

Keep up with your routine. Routines tend to fall to the wayside when we are out of our normal space. Keeping up with stretches and exercises when travelling can make a big difference, even if it’s just a few minutes a day.  Try taking advantage of your hotel’s gym or pool. Or just do some laps around the new neighborhood you’re staying in. Continuing with your Active Care stretches and exercises while you are away should be fairly easy as many of them do not require any tools. Also, many hotels now have foam rollers upon request J

Wherever you are travelling to, we hope you have a wonderful time! Be sure to make an appointment for when you return to make sure everything is an alignment and working how it’s supposed to. And to work out those kinks from hanging out on the beach!

  • Emily