By now, we all know that outdoor exercise is one of the safest bets in the time of COVID-19.  With the weather cooling off a bit and the seasons changing, one of my favorite ways to get in a good workout is hiking. We’re lucky in Maine to have so many public lands to explore and socially distance in!

I’ve found that, especially now, it’s important to prep for your hike. Make sure that choose a hike that you are physically comfortable with, no need to start off with anything crazy! Pack plenty of snacks and water and make sure that you know where you are going. In many places off the beaten path you probably won’t have cell service, so it’s good to have a map. I personally like the AMC Maine Mountain Guide which comes with pull out maps.  Or you can always take a pic on your phone of the map at the trailhead. Another good idea is to have a backup plan hike. Since many people are sticking to outdoor activities, you may find that trails are busier than you think. If the parking lot is full, you’ll probably be too crowded on the trail, so move on to the backup hike. Additionally, sites like or can give you recent reviews with info like: if a trail has been very busy, difficulty levels and any physical changes to the trail itself (trees down, washouts etc).

Any outdoor exercise is still a workout so be sure to treat it as such. Wear the proper gear and footwear and be sure to stretch before and afterwards. Take breaks when you need to and be sure to drink plenty of water. As always, be sure to get your regular Chiropractic adjustment to keep everything moving properly and to be sure you are able to reach your fitness goals!

  • Emily