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Cupping is an ancient traditional form of acupuncture that originated in China. Special cups are placed on the skin to cause suction, which increases blood flow to that area. By increasing blood flow to the affected area, it can help with chronic pain, headaches, digestive issues, stress, pull toxins to the surface, relieve muscle tension and more.

Read our blog post on cupping to learn more and see photos.

If you are ready to try cupping, call us at (207) 699-2622 or contact us here and we will set up your appointment

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Read Our Reviews

Verified Reviewer – July 21, 2016
July 21, 2016

My treatment at Absolute made it possible for me to resume my daily life. The ease of scheduling appointments, no wait time, professional, friendly and knowledgeable staff provided the ongoing sense of possibility that ‘every little thing was going to be alright.’ And so it has. I participated in my treatment and am back to enjoying all my physical activities. The combination of treatment with TENS and active care gave me the opportunity to regain my health. THANK YOU!

P, Melissa – July 20, 2016
July 20, 2016

Per the statement I made in preceding box: I do and will continue to recommend Absolute Health Chiropractic to anyone who is looking for a chiropractor. The team is outstanding!

Verified Reviewer – July 20, 2016
July 20, 2016

I have been visiting the office for monthly maintenance for 3 years +. It’s always fast and very thorough and I feel tremendous when I leave the office. It’s been amazing preventative back therapy. When I slack with my own routine and “throw out” my back, the recovery is very quick by making a couple of adjustments in that week.

Verified Reviewer – July 20, 2016
July 20, 2016

I wish I still lived in Portland so I could continue coming here.

Natalie – July 20, 2016
July 20, 2016

I called to get an appointment and they were able to get me in within 24 hours. I am so happy to have a team that cares for and supports their patients.

R, Beth – July 20, 2016
July 20, 2016

The advantage to the Clinic is the range of talent in the office. While I like to stay with one Chiropractor, I know I can see someone else as well if they are unavailable. All three of us in my family go to the Clinic. I have recommended the Clinic to friends and co-workers.

Verified Reviewer
July 20, 2016

I quickly felt comfortable here, and they clearly valued my time. I’ve enjoyed my interactions with each member of the staff, and extracted a lot of value from my time spent at AHC.

Verified Reviewer – June 11, 2016
June 11, 2016

I quickly felt comfortable at Absolute Health Chiropractic Clinic and that my time was well spent. Each individual is professional and personable, and they work great together.

Verified Reviewer – June 07, 2016
June 7, 2016

Absolute Health Chiropractic has been flexible and attentive to my needs for the past three years. They treat you with respect and are very personable. They always make me feel comfortable and welcome, and my body loves it too!

D, Titch – June 03, 2016
June 3, 2016

Absolute Health provides professional, comprehensive and therapeutic care. I became an active participant in my care and have reaped the benefits of the services provided.

P, Kailey – June 3, 2016
June 3, 2016

Absolute Health Chiropractic is a welcoming and caring office that provides phenomenal service. I am able to get through each day without pain and with mindfulness towards my body. The active care inspired me to maintain my health, the adjustments help release tension, stim helps to slow down and sooth. Also the Aline inserts make a huge difference! I have worn all kinds of inserts over the years and nothing compares to these. They are affordable, comfortable, and provide unbelievable support. I wear them in every shoe and wish I had had them sooner. Thank you!

A, Heather – June 02, 2016
June 2, 2016


Everyone is SO SO nice! I love Dr. Caitlin!

Verified Reviewer – June 02, 2016
June 2, 2016


Everyone at Absolute Health Chiropractic is absolutely lovely to talk to and shows interest in not only my well-being but me in general. I am so glad that I chose Absolute Health as my chiropractic clinic!

F, Bob – June 02, 2016
June 2, 2016


Dr. Morrisroe and the entire staff at Absolute Health Chiropractic Clinic are awesome. Everyone is very knowledgeable, explains everything in great detail, and takes the needed time to ensure great care. Most of my aches and pains are gone, and those that are left will no doubt be gone soon! I’d recommend Dr. Morrisroe and AHCC to anyone that has a need to see a chiropractor. No need to look elsewhere!

T, Mary-Theresa – June 02, 2016
June 2, 2016


Absolute Health Chiropractic is simply the best. From the second you arrive, you feel welcome and like you have been a patient there for ever. The entire staff is friendly and so smart, giving you the exact care you need. So glad I found them and I will continue visits as long as necessary – or forever.

Marilyn, M – June 02, 2016
June 2, 2016


Dr. Cait and the staff of AHC are incredible! Not only is everyone very personable, they are also very knowledgeable and helpful. Not only did Dr. Cait and her staff help with my back issues, but they also gave me “active care” – exercises I can do at home that keep me feeling good! As busy as the office is, you never feel rushed, and everyone takes their time listening and explaining. A great experience and totally recommend! 

T, Michelle – June 02, 2016
June 2, 2016


Absolute Health Chiropractic and Dr. Cait have greatly helped with the migraines I suffer from. Before I started seeing Dr. Cait, I was suffering from migraines 15+ days a month. Now, with regular chiropractic care, I’m down to one migraine every 6-8 weeks. I love everything that they do there. And will keep coming back for a long time!

L, Tony – June 02, 2016
June 2, 2016

I have been a client of Absolute Health Care Chiropractic for many years. I find that regular adjustments help me avoid more serious back and joint problems. This office has always been responsive to my needs and professional in its high quality chiropractic care.