Week 3 down, ½ way there!  Ok, I have a confession to make….I cheated.  Well, sort of anyway.  So I was having lunch with my attorney last week and being diligent, I got a salad with avocado and no cheese or anything.  When it came out, it had these wonderful croutons all over it.  Being a big fan of bread, it was a strange sensation to push them all to the side as I ate all the healthy stuff instead.  In the middle of my attorney telling me a story, it happened.  I took a big bite of salad and heard the notorious CRUNCH of the crouton.  Trying to act normal and listen to his conversation, as “SPIT IT OUT!  SPIT IT OUT!” was screaming in my head, I ate the crouton.  So there, confession made 🙂

I’m heading to Chicago Thursday morning and am a little bit nervous at traveling and keeping Raw.  Elizabeth  (girlgoneraw.com) gave me a great email with some awesome tips this morning.  I hit Whole Foods last night and got some dried apples and pineapple, raw bars and nuts.  We have a grocery store within walking distance of the hotel and there are 3 Raw Restaurants in Chicago!


This one looks amazing.  They have a $9.99 buffet!  Can’t beat that.  I might live there 🙂


This one looks pretty good too.  The food sounds amazing!


This is located in a market in town.  Looks pretty good, but higher priced than the others.

I also heard from my friend Troy that there are Raw bars now at Starbucks, but I haven’t checked them out.  Given that I lived in Chicago for 4 years and have a couple of favorite restaurants out there, this will be a challenge.  I figure it’s an adventure and if I can stay raw through all of the pizza and fabulous food then it’s quite an accomplishment.  No promises that I won’t smuggle a Girodanos pizza in my checked baggage though (hey, it worked last year!).