This time of year we often hear, I’m just too busy! I can’t make it in today; I have too much to do. I have family in town; I just won’t be able to make it. These are all valid reasons to feel like you can’t make it, but even more, they are reasons why you need to make it in! This time of year people tend to put others first, which is very generous; however, if you aren’t taking care of yourself, you will get worn down and end up either hurting yourself, losing progress that you’ve made by getting adjusted regularly, or taxing your immune system. Did you know that by getting adjusted you are increasing your immune system and you are giving your body the power to heal itself naturally? How great would it be if you and your family didn’t get sick throughout the holidays like so many of us have in the past? So this year, instead of skipping an adjustment, come get an extra one here and there to prevent getting that cold and flu that your co-workers and children’s classmates have! Ask us what else you can do to help prevent getting sick or hurting yourself while moving all those boxes of decorations out of storage. Your body is an amazing system and it can be strong enough to get you through the holiday season unscathed, but only if you give it the right tools!