It’s hard to believe that it is Thanksgiving and that we have made it to November in 2020. What a whirlwind year that has both felt so incredibly slow and has flown by at the same time.  I know that for many it’s been an extra hard year, so I wanted to take a minute for us to try to be thankful for the little things that came out of this year.

I’m really thankful that I suddenly had a lot of extra time.  I normally have a very packed schedule between ski patrol, conferences, guiding and martial arts tournaments.  Suddenly all of that stopped and I had so much free time on the weekends.  I was able to get on the water so much this summer guiding stand up paddleboard, kayaking and teaching paddleboard.  It was nice to be able to socially distance and get some fresh air.

I’m also thankful for reconnecting with a lot of people.  Suddenly having open time meant more time for phone calls, Zoom coffees and socially distanced back yard meet ups.  It was like when things all got shut down it was easier to make time for those that we love.

I’m thankfully that AHC was able to weather the storm and still be standing when so many local businesses ended up closing.  I won’t lie, it wasn’t always sunshine and rainbows and there were a lot of stressful weeks.  One of the biggest challenges is that our location allows us to be super convenient for folks that work downtown.  When the businesses in Portland shut down, many of our long term patients were suddenly working outside of the city and were having challenges getting in town while having their kids home and working.  Being able to maintain during this time makes me really optimistic that we will see so many familiar faces as the restrictions ease up.

Lastly, I’m so incredibly thankful for the staff at AHC.  Chelsea and Emily where there in the trenches when we were barely open 2 days a week and we were nervous about the unknown.  They were so integral in keeping the doors open and I can’t thank them enough.  Marissa was such a trooper.  We interviewed her over zoom while she was living in Oklahoma and she took such a leap of faith to join our team and stay flexible with all of the changes that we’ve had to make.  And Josh, with all of the mandates that were on massage therapists, he was still able to get into the zone and give exceptional massages and *almost* make you forget that you’re wearing a mask.  This team literally got me through this and I’m thankful for them every day.

So, while I know that 2020 seems to have been a crappy year over all.  I’m sure that each of you can find some small silver linings that have come out of it as we focus on being thankful on Thanksgiving.

Have a wonderful and safe holiday.  As always, if you need to reschedule your appointment due to travel or possible exposure, please just let us know.

  • Dr. Cait