Just a reminder of how important it is to find the time to do your Active Care work at home! We only have a small amount of time in the office together, so the key to making sure you stay pain free is to incorporate the exercises and stretches at home. Even a few days without Active Care can bring back some of the symptoms. The goal is that doing Active Care at home allows you to maintain your adjustments and progress. Here are a few important things to remember:

• If you don’t remember how to do something, skip it and ask us next time! Proper form is key to continue moving forward. Some of the exercises or stretches can be counterproductive if done wrong.

• It doesn’t take long to get everything in. We spend 18 minutes in Active Care at the office and that covers all of the foam rolling, the stretching, and the exercises. Certainly more time and attention would be a good thing but if you are busy or just don’t want to take up a lot of your time, you don’t have to! Even 5 minutes on the foam roller each day makes a huge difference!

• If you are getting bored with your current routine, come talk to us! We have plenty of exercises and stretches to keep you busy!

• If you are experiencing pain in a different area, come talk to us! If we usually work on the neck and upper body but your legs or low back are not feeling great, we can easily switch things up to cater to your needs for that day.

• Make your homework easy and find ways to do the exercises and stretches at work, maybe in front of the TV, or at the gym. The good thing is these exercises can be done pretty much anywhere so find the place that will keep you motivated.

Happy Homework!