A healthy body is the key to a healthy mind. When our bodies are functioning at maximum capacity, we cannot deny how great we feel mentally and emotionally. We can think clearly, we have an abundance of energy, our mood is improved, and, therefore, we are able to interact with our environments, and the people in them, with positive enthusiasm. But a healthy body is beneficial to more than just our minds. It is the key to a healthy soul. Often, we tend to think at surface level or just below it when it comes to our wellbeing (think literal body and mental health). We do not consider, as much as we should, what lies deep within the depths of our beings. If we did, we may come to realize the importance of spiritual homeostasis or, more simply, balance.

Like it or not, our souls are contained in fragile vessels. Think of it as a ship, one tasked with ferrying a precious and invaluable object from one harbor to the next. In order to safely deliver that prized possession, the captain must be sure that his ship is seaworthy. We all know, far too well, how turbulent Life’s ocean can be. So, what does the captain do to make sure his ship is fit for sailing? He takes great care of it, maintains it immaculately. This seems like a daunting task to the novice sailor, one who is just starting to find their sea-legs, but, as with all things, patience is the key.

One of the very first steps you can take on the journey to spiritual balance is simply changing what you eat. We live in a world of convenience, where a majority of food comes in a box or a bag, and we don’t even need to warm it up to eat it. We also live in a world where convenience food is cheap, but we are paying for quantity, not quality.

It has long been known that chemicals and preservatives in our food supply have an extremely negative impact on our health. Heart disease, cancer, diabetes, and even Alzheimer’s rates have rapidly increased over time, with there being a direct correlation between eating habits and the risk of developing preventable diseases. This information is obtainable by a simple Google search, but you already know it to be true. Inherently, we all do. We just get stuck in hard to break cycles. It’s totally normal and absolutely fixable.

So, what is a ‘clean diet’ anyway? Well, that’s simple. A clean diet consists of eating unprocessed foods, such as fresh/frozen fruits and vegetables, nuts, farm fresh eggs, unprocessed meats, unrefined grains, and hormone-free dairy, to name a just few. The more natural and untouched your food, the better it is for you. It’s a clear-cut concept, one that ought to be easy for everyone to follow, but the thought of overhauling your diet abruptly can be unnerving, to say the least. That’s okay! You don’t need to do it all at once or all right away. The key to success is, as mentioned before, patience and maybe a little persistence. Start by making small changes, choosing fruit over chips, or packing a healthy lunch instead of picking up fast-food. One great thing you can do is cutting down on soda and increasing water intake. Notice how I said, ‘cutting down’ not ‘cutting out’. Small steps and small victories are what we’re after. When you’re comfortable, go bigger and do more.

Here are a few key spiritual benefits to eating a clean diet:

  1. Nourishing the body in turn nourishes the spirit, helping you to attain your own unique inner Zen.
  2. Inner peace is critical to coping with outer troubles. When you have mental and spiritual clarity, you can catch Life’s curveballs with confidence.
  3. Caring for your soul allows you to better live a purposeful life, one directed by you and unhindered by doubt or fear.
  4. Inner peace correlates to your perspective. If we are feeling down and out of sorts, it’s hard for us to see the world’s true beauty and appreciate it fully.
  5. Inner peace is like a magnet! You will draw positive peaceful people to you effortlessly. Also, being so in-tune to your body and soul can intuitively alert you to negative things and negative people with ease, like your own ‘negativity radar’.
  6. Creativity abounds with a positive mindset. All those mental blocks and fears will be lifted, allowing you to finally focus on doing things that make you happy and finding fulfillment.


All of these things, though simple, are extremely important. Whether you find yourself navigating calm waters or rough seas, spiritual wellness will do nothing but guard and assist you throughout you.

– Marissa