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Chiropractic Adjustment –

This is the umbrella term for finding an area of the body that is restricted and correcting the issue.  This involves feeling areas and looking for portions of the spine and joints that are not functioning at their best.

Below is just a sample of the many techniques available in our office.

Thompson Drop Technique –

This is a type of adjustment that utilizes a specialized table to facilitate the adjustment. The doctor typically only uses this technique for low back adjustments of the sacrum, lumbar spine and pelvis.

National Diversified or Diversified Technique –

This is the “full hands on” adjusting that many patients are familiar with.  This is using hands to perform the adjustment without the use of special tools or tables.  During this adjustment, “pops” and “clicks” may be heard.  This is a completely normal effect of the treatment.  This is what the doctor primarily uses to adjust.

Activator –

This is a specific technique using an Activator tool to facilitate the adjustment. Sometimes the patient is either osteoporotic or is afraid of the “sounds” of adjusting and prefers this technique.  The doctor also uses this technique for TMJ, children and extremities.

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